IC Sockets for Juno 106

Hey Everybody,
I’m wanting to know which type of IC sockets to get for the Juno 106 Voice chips?
If you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it!
Please, drop some links : )

It depends on what you’re going to put in those sockets. With the standard Roland voice chip, you can use a regular SIP socket, and just clip one of the pins off to match the pin pattern of the voice chip. If you are going to use Analogue Renaissance voice chips, though, the square pins are too large to fit into a standard SIP socket - you can use an IDC header for this. But then again, if you are using the AR voice chips, you’ll never need to replace them, so why use a socket at all?

Hey Sam, well I was going to go the whole acetone route and then see if the voice chips sound any better and even if they do I know overtime they possibly can go bad therefore I didn’t want to have to de-solder the original chips and then have to solder in the Analog Renaissance chips. I figured it would be easier too install the IC sockets, but since both chips need different sockets then I guess it would make sense to go the whole Analog Renaissance route☝️ Which is the best way to go as far as those chips? Between the original Analog Renaissance chips and the GS chips?

If you are replacing just one or two voice chips, then the original AR chip is the way to go, as it will match the original chips perfectly sound-wise. If you are replacing all six though, I’d go for the GS chips - may as well improve on an already-awesome synth!

Thanks for this info - I am doing a wave generator chip in my Juno (MC 5534A chip) using a refurbished original chip. Is there a decent US or Canada online shop to buy the required SIP socket?