Installing a Music Rest on a Roland RD88 (Please, Please, Please Help! Thank You!)

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Roland RD88 Stage Piano and since it doesn’t have a music rest option, I was thinking about installing one. I previously had a Nord Piano 4 which did have a music rest. The Nord’s music rest was the V2 and had 2 screws (or the like) on each lower end which then was slid in to the holes of annexed rectangular-like structures (which I don’t know the name of nor know its material, they could be called music rest mounts but I’m not sure). I don’t want to buy a separate music stand becausae I have an electric Bolowei Clamp-on Piano Lamp, which is heavy.

I’m trying to find replicas or something similar to NP4’s structures (or music rest mounts which are rectangular-like) to stick on the back panel of my RD88 with gorilla double-sided tape so I could then insert a music rest, I might even buy the Nord Music Rest V2 again for this purpose, but I need to know who or what kind of professional does this kind of work and would appreciate it greatly if someone could please help me.

Here is a link to a picture of the NP4’s back panel. The structures I’m referring to are somewhat hard to see because their color matches the back panel’s color. If you have trouble finding it, the left-side music rest mount is right next to the “4” of NP4 and the other one is between the L and R audio outputs.

Does anyone know if these are sold as replacement parts and/or what they’re made of? What kind of professional can I contact to do the kind of job that I need?

Please, please, please help. Thank you very much for reading this entire post!


Do you have any friends or neighbors with a 3D printer? Seems like the rectangular mounts would be an easy part to replicate.

Hi PatPend,

Thank you for replying. I don’t have a 3D printer nor know anyone who might have one. However, I zoomed in closer on that NP4 picture to look at those music rest mounts, and saw that their shape are that of an isosceles trapezoid, which should give you a better idea.

I was also looking at Syntaur’s shop for music rest mounts and found 2 potential candidates: (for a yamaha keyboard) (for a Korg)

I think the korg mount would be easier to double tape on the RD88 back panel than the yamaha, but would have to contact Syntaur and ask them for what exact keyboard it is to try and get the appropriate music rest, so I’m still not sure that’s a viable route.

But now knowing that the shape of the mounts are an isosceles trapezoid, do you know anybody who does that kind of work and/or know what material is used? Thanks so much.

Jimmy Figueras

I just realized that it’ll be better to buy a separate music stand and use a clamp-on piano lamp with it. Thanks very much for your help though.