Installing EPS 16 board in EPS case

Is it possible to install EPS16 main board in EPS keyboard ? It might need some modification but not sure about the keybed and display boards compatibility and whether or not they can communicate to each other.

They are basically different. The EPS16 is I believe internally 20 bit for accumulation of 20 voices so that they won’t peek out the 16 bit output when played at once. Where as the original was 13 bit within it’s sample depth, but 16 when you gang together the 20 voices. You still have only 13 bit resolution (noise floor) but you won’t overload the dac’s. The keybeds were shared between vsx, EPS16 and a bunch more, where you could swap them out.
Ensoniq also has multiple CPUs through out their units, one for the keybed, one for front display, sound engine/programing, and I think another one for overhead and sequencing. Anyway the take away, just buy the EPS16 or asr-10 (best choice)
I have the original/asr-10 & asr-xpro.
The original has the best sampling preamps for overloaded distorted sounds. For some reason they sound like tubes when you hit the wall. That’s why I still have it.

This may be a question for Thesoniq. He has rebuilt a number of EPS 16+ and original EPS keybeds for me. He has worked on a number of my Ensoniq ASR-10 keyboards as well. He is a very honest service tech.

I sort of get the impression that all the keybeds for the three different models were somewhat interchangeable. I could be mistaken but check for sure.

some are and some are not. From what I remember asr-10, and the ts-10 are the same. they have an issue with how the two piece keypad get pieced together. Thesoniq makes repairs for them and if you send in your bad one he will send a rebuilt one that he has in stock. I believe the original EPS and EPS16 are the same - and share the same keybed with VFX, and the other keyboards they made in that period. None of the 88 keybeds will work in the 60 keybeds, they dont have polyaftertouch.