Introduce yourself!


Oh wow, this is great stuff - thanks for sharing!


Hi everyone, I’m Russ Salerno. I’ve been into synths for most of my life. In the early 80’s I developed the first programmable patch librarian software, Hybrid Arts Genpatch that ran on the Atari 800. I was also keyboardist/songwriter/engineer for the band “Radar.” For you Queensryche fans Pamela Moore aka “Sister Mary” was our lead vocalist. My first synth was a PAIA modular kit, and these days I’m immersed in restoring all my old keyboards including a Prophet 5 rev 3.3 and an OB-8 rev. B5. I’m also into 3D printing and have printed a number of items to enhance the restoration process. It’s great to see so many people into keeping these wonderful machines alive and my thanks to Syntaur for starting this forum.


Ran across synth wizards and found syntaur. I have just gotten a sq80 working to learn how to use it. Nice to find others out there


Hi folks,
Sherm here. Really enjoy the Syntaur youtube channel and have been meaning to get on this forum for a few weeks now.

1st of all, looking forward to Synthomania 2018!
2nd of all, I’m surprised Behringer didn’t get inspired to add the sub-osc to their arp odyssey clone. Oh well, maybe they haven’t see that episode on the youtube channel!


Thanks for watching Synthwizards!


Hi everyone. My name’s Tyler and I came here in hopes of bringing my ESQ-1 back to life. I love synths and I usually gravitate towards hidden gems that can be found on the cheaper side. And while I love analog gear, I can’t help but get excited over crazy digital sounds.


Hi, I’m Dave, I’m a bass player but also a musician. and I have an old Kurzweil k2000 that I’ve actually learned to program



I am Florian from Germany (so please excuse my “Germenglish”). I do live electronic music as hobby and every now and then I do some synth repair. I am experienced especially with analogue Roland synths, but also crept into Yamaha CS-series and some Prophets. You’ll find some info on my website:


Hi, Emanuel here. I’m a composer working from Belgium. Am finishing up my Juno 60 restoration, and in my search for parts I quickly came across Syntaur. Hope to get some ideas here, as well as share my own experience in restoring synths.


Hey Florian - it’s great to see you here! Your expertise is always welcome!


Hello, I’m Sandy Smith, a hobbyist and synth enthusiast who may have a problem getting more synths than I have room for. The Synth Wizards desert island episode introduced me to the joys of Ensoniqs, and now I have a VFX SD and an SQ-80. I’ve recently started trying to do minor repairs and to date have replaced a broken jumper on an EX-8000 I just bought. (I mentioned I had a problem…) I’m the original owner of a Polysix, a JX-8P, and a KX-88, plus a few more modern beasts. I’m going to be working on the Polysix (which needs a fair amount of work) and the JX-8P (which only needs a couple of key contacts cleaned, but is a good candidate for the Kiwi-8P upgrade) soon.


Richard from San Antonio love how you guys are close by. Love your videos on YouTube


JW in Az “John” Hello glad to be a part of the forum… please check my post in Synth Repairs
I also blog about Synths 5 days a week on FB
(I’m trying to restore a vintage preset 1986 Dr Bohm MD900T. I’m pretty sure all I need is the pedal boards and or Volume pedals(dual) it sends control voltage to the preamp 5v with a special din plug. Thanks ) cheers :grinning::musical_keyboard::zap::loud_sound::loud_sound:


Howdy!! I just want to say GREAT JOB! on the YouTube vids! So fun to watch, well put together and entertaining stuff! I’m synth enthusiast, musician in the Boston area, and lately when I tour I’m using Main Stage and love it! But for years I’ve collected and used lots of Synths. Unfortunately I’ve sold too many! Keep up the great work!




speculator here… i have lots of synths/drumachines/etc and make music in brooklyn.
opened a synth repair shop in brooklyn about a year and a half ago with another guy who is way better with schematics and oscilloscopes.
i order parts from syntaur quite often and i really appreciate the great resource.

i really like the youtube channel.

ps. also, im a texan. originally from san antonio, TX.


Hi, I’m Russell. I came across the SYNTAUR YouTube channel and have been watching & enjoying the episodes.

I studied piano from 2nd grade through college and bought my first synth (Roland JX-3P) in 1984, just before senior year of high school. I still have the 3P & programmer as well as a DW-8000, sequencers and drum machines. I also play guitar, bass, Chapman stick and a bit of tabla and sitar - not very well, lol.

I grew up in Manhattan, moved to its suburbs, back to Manhattan and now live in Las Vegas. It’s great to be here!