Introduce yourself!


Hi everyone, I’m Cody, and I’ll be here to help run this joint! I promise I’m friendlier than I seem on Synth Wizards.

I’m not too familiar with synthesizers besides what I’ve picked up working here (I’m told the Minimoog Model D is the holy grail), but this thread is for introducing ourselves. What synths are you into? Is there anything you’re saving up for? Anywhere we might know you from?


Hello I’m Marc AKA Teksonik. I’ve owned synths for more years than I care to admit. I knew of Sam Mims way back in the 80’s when I worked in a music store here in Las Vegas. I currently only have four hardware synths and nothing of collector’s value. I stumbled across the Synth Wizards show on YouTube and I really love it, very nostalgic for me. Thanks for accepting me to the Forum !


Hi guys. I’m Kirk Slinkard and play primarily an Ensoniq SQ-80. Maybe I’ll meet Sam on a desert island sometime. Learned synth back in the early 70s from an LP put out by Moog and then more at C.U. at Denver. Long time fan of Sam playing live and previous customer of Syntaur. Hoping this turns out to be popular.


Richard from San Antonio Texas. New to the synth world. Glad to see there is a forum.


Hello everyone, I’m Joe aka Rhythmic Bliss. Originally my musical life began as a drummer but growing up under my keyboard wizard father and inheriting his studio in the late 90’s I entered the world of synthesizers, samplers and drum machines. In the first decade of this millennium I recorded and had over 20 vinyl records released under various techno “break beat” labels.
Today I am more of a home studio hobbyist kind of guy that is still working on music, repairing my vintage synths and collecting old gear where I can still find deals on them.
I’m not a wizard like the Syntaur guys/gals but I’m open for any questions and hope I can help be a part of this synth forum.

You can find me here
@rhyhmicbliss - Instagram
rbliss -soundcloud
Rhythmic Bliss - Youtube


Hi, I’m Dwayne.

I’m a former software engineer, and musician. I mostly play guitar but I caught the synth bug a couple years ago.

I also love tinkering with and repairing audio and music gear. I’m here to learn.


Mike Wilson here - I work as a historian/research machine, but am also a sometimes synthesist, sometimes keyboard player, and sometimes co-editor of the SynthWizards YouTube program. I’m also the proud owner of the Syntaur SQ80!

I’m on the backside of my life, and someone became one of those tone guys that are normally associated with guitar players. I’m an equal opportunity synth lover, and not into bashing brands or makers. I’m pretty darn excited for the current batch of Behringer products - especially the Neutron and the 808 clone!

I’m currently in the process of restoring an Ensoniq ESQ1 (with Sam’s guidance) so that I can sell it and get my ASR10 rack back up and running again!

My most recent synth purchase was the Synthstrom Deluge and I absolutely love it - so much so that I think more than a few of the smaller pieces are going to be leaving my studio for new homes.

You can also find me…
on Twitter @elKarl13
and on soundcloud @


Hi, you will love the ESQ1 I bought one and need to replace the battery. It’s a very unique synth for sure.


Hi everyone.
I’m Joe I’m a synth-aholic. I also repair synths in Orlando Florida. Im looking forward to reading and responding and hopefully helping others or getting help myself.


Hi, curious what your rates are for synth repair? I live in the NW Florida and we don’t have many synth repair techs around here.


Hi guys, I’m Lazzaro ,I’m music producer/songwriter and I love my Juno 106 :wink:


Greetings from Orlando,
$80.00 an hour. feel free to call 407.264.0004.
10:30 am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday
10:30 am to 3:00pm Sat .
Closed Sunday.


Lazzaro ,
Have you ever seen the inside of a Juno 106.
Beautiful laid out circuit . wish all synths had this kind of thought into layout.
I love em too. did you see the Syntaur Juno 107 what a dream!!!
Kiwi makes an upgrade for the Juno 106. looks interesting.


Hello. I´m Bernardo Jimenez, from Colombia. Musician, composer and producer.
I’ve known Syntaur for decades.
Thanks for your great work and for opening this forum for us, synths fans and users.


Have you ever seen the inside of a Poly 61? What a mess and it really looks cheap, but I love them. They have thier own sound for sure


Thanks…I will keep your info. I try to do my own repairs when I can but sometimes tracking down the problem is beyond my pay grade.


Hi all, my name is Brian, though many know me as BK. I play a number of different instruments, including a MIDI-enabled Chapman Stick, and have a fairly sizeable synth collection. My favorite of them is probably my Novation Supernova II ProX, but my Alesis Ion is right up there in the list. I’ve also recently made the unfortunate step into the modular world… Glad to be a part of the community!


I Agree they do have there own sound


I have had one for years. love the look of it. im planning on replacing the bottom and the sides with a hardwood and putting vent slots near the power supply. I’m going to re do the sides in a close as possible silver formica over the hardwood. going to try and do a dove tail joint to connect the sides to the bottom. the particle board is starting to crumble and the staples holding it all together worry me.


Hi there,
I’m Justin, aka Rationale Music. I’m an amateur musician and a hobbyist/restorer/modifier. I got started with an Ensoniq Mirage and since my collection has grown to an SQ-80, Casio FZ-1, Yamaha DX-11, Arturia Microbrute, and a Roland GR-500 guitar synth (currenly working on that one). I also just recently picked up another Mirage for restoration/modification and a VFX, and I’ve owned and restored an RMI 368 Electrapiano, Wurlitzer 200, Mattel Optigan, and several other Mirages, but I’m particularly fond of Ensoniq’s kit.

I’ve also put a couple videos on modifications for the Mirage on my youtube channel, which I think might be useful for the folks here: