Is it possible for me to put an E-MU Emax I Analog Board in place of mine in my Roland S-550? Or do I need to make custom PCBs for this to happen?

Good Evening everyone,

I am modding my Roland S-550 from a 16-Bit output to 12-Bit. I also am wondering if I can replace the Analog Board from an Emax I with the one in my Roland S-550 please?

Plus if anyone has a spare Emax I Analog Board (I only will accept Emax I, I’m not interested in the Emax II as much), let me know if you want to get it off your back or if you’d like to sell me one please? :slight_smile:

I am learning EasyEDA a PCB designing software for my Mac. And I have both Service Manuals of the Emax I and S-550.

Please let me know if you have a spare part of if you are interested in seeing this mod come to a plausibility?

Have a Lovely Evening,
Jacob R.