Is my JP-8000 worth repairing?

I have owned this for almost 20 years and It is in excellent condition with an SKB case. A while back it got knocked off the stand and will not power up. (attempting resulted in a faint burning smell). Any Ideas what it could be, and if it might cost more to repair than it is worth? Thanks! Leo.

So there was no apparent physical damage on the outside?
These start (on eBay) in the $300-400 range in less than OK condition.
Working ones can fetch from $650+

Your mileage may vary in terms of what could be wrong / cost of fix. It could be fairly easy to eat up the margin between broken and working in repair costs. So if, you are looking to minimize losses and get rid of the keyboard, then selling as-is or in parts might be attractive. If you want to keep it, repair costs would likely be less than replacement costs.

Most techs could likely get some diagnosis together for a flat fee… usually equivalent to an hour or so of bench time. Many will “eat” that fee if the repair is done. That would likely be < $100 in many cases, but they’ll tell you up front if that’s the case and available.

It’s a notable synth from the V/A era, so it has retained some value for certain groups of players/collectors.

Many thanks for your reply. There is no damage on the outside, and it is in beautiful condition. I have had it over 20 years and kept it in an SKB case when not in use. I really like this synth, so I would probably try to find another one, if it cost more to repair than replace. I was just trying to get some idea which way to go with it. The info you provided suggests I should probably at least have someone take a look at it. Many Thanks!