Is My ProteusFX a Dead Duck?

I suppose my second question would be this:

I also have a ProteusFX that has not been turned on for a long time. When I did, the display came on the normal green, no alphanumeric characters came up, and I could not start the music Demo by holding down the two proper keys to do so.

The filter cap in the power supply section looks intact and nothing smells burnt. Can I assume, given this information to work with, that this module is El Croak-o?

If not, what else can I try? Thanks.

Dont give up so quickly. As many will tell you first step in troubleshooting is " is there power" is it plugged in , I assume yes because you say display glows green but no text. My suspicion is the battery for the unit is bad and needs replaced. Use a multimeter to read voltage at the battery. Should be near 3 volts dc for a coin battery.near 2v or lower replace it. Try the factory reset process. If it still shows no difference check for audio out of unit, even if display is the display as y or related component could be bad. Check any fuses in unit are good and voltages from power supply are good. Look at all capacitors for swelling or cracks, replace any found suspect. Along with audio out check for button pressing changing audio output. If audio changes suspect you need to replace the display but look for anyway to adjust display contrast or viewing angle first…yes I have seen good equipment with display set at extremes making the owner think it was broken. If it is too much of a project for you and you want to scrap it let me know…I like project equipment.