Issue with Roland JX -305 not powering up

Hey Everybody!
I’ve owned my synth for 21 years now and haven’t used it in a long time. A couple of years ago I tried turning it on and the screen lit up, but it was blank?? So I let it sit until now 2 years later and it won’t turn on at all??

Anyone have a suggestion to what the problem might be?
Your feedback would be greatly appreciated,

Just a couple of suggestions… the blank screen may have been likely due to the battery (assuming it has one) being dead or dying and you’ve lost all the onboard patches. Now with no power at all, maybe dried out caps in the power supply?

Hey thanks,
I don’t think it has a battery. If it does then it’s hidden very good.
It has a tiny transformer, everything looks good, but it hasn’t been tested so I won’t know unfortunately. Hopefully I figured out the problem. Thanks again for reaching out to me!