Issues with Roland RS-09


Recently purchased a Roland RS-09 that was less functional when I bought it but after some minor cleaning a bit of minor solder work has come around to more functional. However, I have mostly built and rehabbed old guitar pedals, so I have a lot to learn about synths.

Minor issues

  1. the Bb, D, F keys do not function in each octave. The keys easily connect with the contact below them to the bar underneath but no sound is made.
  2. the contact under the highest G note is bent in such a way that it makes constant contact and there is a constant G playing. What is the best way to go about fixing this issue?
    3.The sliders all function but feel very dry, I imagine it has to do with the oxidation of the parts. Do I add some sort of lubricant or just replace?
  3. The ‘Organ II’ button does not function at all. You hear the click but no sound change, and the LED does not come on. Is the best place to start in replacing and hope that is all?
    5.the Ensemble button for the Organ side is permanently on. Do I just need to replace it?
  4. Most of the keys in the key bed sit relatively flat with one another, a couple are off, is it possible to fix or just a part of the aging or type of manufacture?
    7.Someone else went in with some glue on the side panels for repair of the screw-hole legs, and made it worse, as most of them have broken in a different part on the leg. Is this a type of plastic that CA Glue or some other type of glue will work on, or should I use a different method? (The had used duct tape to hold the sides on for the most part and it was old and dusty. bleagh)
  5. Best way to remove major rust on the metal case? I used a bit of vinegar and aluminum foil on some of the not so terribly oxidized parts. Not looking for perfection, just less rust.

This thing sat in a studio where there was a lot of smoke, and had some things spilled on it, but it made it through. Most of the grime has been cleaned, and I will go back for another pass later. It still functions.

Major issue:

  1. I replaced the power cable because they had ripped off the ground prong. No issue now.
  2. One of the board traces was blown off completely from the power section, I replaced it with a solid core coated wire (16awg).
  3. Another copper trace in the power section is loose from the board and exposed but still connected.
    The question for both of the above 2. and 3. Is the solid core copper wire a good solution to the missing trace, replacing the exposed trace? If not what is?
    At the moment it was as functional as it could be with the problems listed above. It still makes a joyful noise. However, it will sit unplugged until this part can be definitely resolved first.

Thanks in advance.