It's that bad the DX9?

Well, I’m just interested in the Yamaha DX9 because is the only cheap synth I found, and because is from the DX family.
However, I’ve seen in forums and they say the DX9 is the worst in the DX family.
I just want it for bass lines, talkboxing (I have the c is c patch parameters) and all that, I just need to edit the patches, but…is that true the DX9 you can’t name and save your edited patches?
150 dlls It’s a good price for one of those?
Thank you

I inherited a friends DX9 in the 90s, and it been a long time since I gave it away… probly 12 years. I’m sure you can save patches you create. There are only 20 memory locations if I remember right… so no naming. I used to actually use the sys/ex to tape function to save whole banks to and from cassette… and later to computer. worked great! The DX9 isn’t a great synth, but it’s an odd duck and that’s what I always liked about it. I say go for it!

thank you for your answer, and yeah, i like the dx9, buuuut…
ehm, i saw today a dx27 for 180 dlls, and it’s not in bad shape
it’s 30 dlls more so i don’t know, i just want it for fooling around, i heard the dx9 is 16 voice polyphony (twice as the dx27)
so now i’m confused.
but, the dx9 you say there is no name in the patches?
so how can i name my patches or find them?

In the old days, we just had patch numbers. So you remembered that you saved that brass sound to patch 08, and the bass sound on patch 16. The DX27 is a version of the DX100 that has some famous sounds, but as you mention, it has 8 voices and also only has 20 user patches–but it has 192 presets that you can’t change. It doesn’t have velocity, though, and I can’t remember whether the DX-9 does, or not.

In both synths, you’ll just have to remember where you put your patches. But with only 20 locations, that’s not hard.

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The DX9 is def not velocity sensitive…

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oh well, the dx27 was already sold :frowning_face:
now there´s only the dx9
at least has 16 voice polyphony
i think one day i´m gonna go for it