JD-800 red epoxy removal ideas

I have a JD-800 in for the fun red epoxy removal.
However, this is purely preventive as the epoxy is still in tact and does not show signs of degrading and making a mess of everything.
Is there a solution to contain the red epoxy so it will not make a mess if it ever does?
I was thinking thin layer of hot glue or thin layer of quality silicone to “contain” it and not to add weight to key.
I realize the removal and re-glue would be the best fix but would this be a viable solution if it has not really become a problem, or am I just kicking the can down the road?!

Do all JD-800’s have this issue? Maybe it was a bad batch of epoxy that affected only some of them.

I believe it’s only when they get too hot, in sun light or storage.