JD-800 repaint the left side panel

Hi everyone,

I have a JD-800, and I made a mistake of buffing out a scratch and I went through the paint layer.
Now I tried to retouch it with a MOTIP pen but I had the wrong color. I kind of made mess of it.

Does someone know the right color code and a proper way to repaint a small part?
It is the plastic end part of the JD-800 (left side).

Kind regards,

One solution is to take it to a good auto body shop. They do paint matching for a living. I would do both ends while you’re at it.

But how do I redo the letters/logo? For the right side it would be suitable. But the left side contains lettering/logo and info for using the instrument.

If there’s enough unblemished area around the lettering they may be able to blend it.