Juno 106 Bender DCO/VCF issue

When moving the DCO slider to all the way up to 10 without moving the pitch bend lever, when pressing down on a key the pitch goes down 6 semitones doesn’t go up.
When moving the bender lever the pitch will go up and down semitones around 6.
Also, when the VCF slider is moved up without moving the bender lever it cuts off frequencies.

Do I need to replace the slider/s or is there something wrong with the circuit board?

The pitch bender lever is not centered on the pot correctly. There is an electronic ‘dead spot’ at the center of the pot’s rotation, and the lever should be installed on it to where the centered lever corresponds with this dead spot. You’ll notice that the pot has a flat screwdriver slot in the end - this is for adjusting the pot’s position in the lever (you must loosen the lever’s set screw first). Push that DCO slider all the way up, and adjust the pot/lever until the pitch stays the same with the pot up or down (this is with the lever in its centered position). That will put you in the dead zone. Then, push that slider back up fully, and then adjust (very slightly) to get a perfect octave bend both up and down when you move the lever.

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Thanks a bunch Sam! Got it working back to normal again!
By the way,
Diggin’ the new videos and the new location! You guys are awesome! : )

Thanks again!