Juno 106 bender issue

I’ve seen a couple of posts regarding DCO bender pot issues and how to fix them but this one is a little different.
The DCO slider doesn’t work (bender pot pitches up and down an octave regardless of slider position) but the VCF and LFO sliders work just fine.
Could the DCO slider itself be the issue or would I have to dig further?


Sounds like the DCO slider may be the issue, perhaps something as simple as a broken trace or cold solder joint. If it helps, here’s the maintenance manual. Check on page 16. It’ll show you how the sliders are wired up.
Juno 106 Service Manual

Thanks for that. I’ll have a look at the joints and traces; hopefully that solves the issue. Cheers!

Please, let us know! Would be nice to know what the answer is.

So it was a bad slider after all. Swapped in a new one and all is good!

Glad to hear you got it working.