Juno 106 Chorus Noise

Wanting to know if the MN3009 chips sold here at Syntaur, do they get rid of the Noise completely or to a very low level? And is there 2 chips total that would need to be replaced?

Hello Fabyan,

BBDs are noisy by concept. The noise gets worse the older the BBDs are. So: new BBDs will make the Juno a little less noisy, but you won’t get rid of the noise. If you want a noise-less chorus you need a digital FX unit.
It is like fire: you don’t get real fire without heat, as you don’t get Juno-Chorus without noise.

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I understand, thanks. Would be nice if someone came up with a replacement that gets rid of the Noise…
O well…in the meantime, the TAL-Chorus-LX plugin is pretty close!