Juno 106 GS voice chip installation

So, I recently installed the Analog Renaissance GS voice chips. When doing the calibration all of the voice chips worked except for the first one. Possibly I might have to check the soldering, but not too sure what’s causing it not to work as of now. All of the diode’s/capacitors etc. look fine, no corrosion or soldering that looks cracked. Not too sure if I should re-seat the voice chip and then go from there?

Never mind about all that, got it taken care of!
: )

Now you’ve tweaked my curiosity. Lol. What turned out to be your problem?

Hey, basically what happen is that some of the traces around where you install the voice chips ( the circles around the IC sockets ) lifted from the circuit board which made the contact not stable therefore the voice chip didn’t work so I had to replace some of the traces for it to run properly. Other than that, all of the things that I had to replace on the synth are up to par. Soldering can be somewhat tough to do, but for the most part I got everything back together :slight_smile: