Juno 106 single stuck voice after voice/DCO replacements

I have replaced the voice chips and DCO’s with the AR chips, along with re-capping the power supply. I re-calibrated a few times with the new suggested values but I’m still ‘stuck’ with the stuck voice.

The symptom is that when I power up the synth there is a single voice playing fairly softly. Usually middle C to start with. If I start it up in test mode I get the same result. If I start cycling thru voices in test mode whenever voice 1 rolls around the stuck note will be the note that was just played. I can power it off and pull the first voice chip, and no stuck note. I can swap other chips into voice 1 and the stuck voice remains on voice 1.

I had a suggestion to try cleaning the various VRXX pots so I’m going to give that a shot. Any suggestions?


Hi tigeba,
I’m having a similar issue, with a couple of differences. I also have a stuck middle C ghost note on power up, but additional notes stick on all 6 voices (also very softly). This appears to happen on triangle and square wave settings, but SUB works properly - how about for you? I plan to resolder wave generator #1 and see what happens next.

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It happens with triangle or square wave on. If I turn down the VCF frequency it will go away. If I turn off triangle and square wave it will also go away, but raising the sub brings back the stuck note. If I change the range setting, the stuck note will shift an octave as well.

I’m using the AR voice chips and wave generator chips. I had some issues with my voice chips prior so they needed replacement in any case, but I believe this problem existed prior to any of my replacements.

Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Update: I have a better description of what’s happening. I did resolder wave#1 wave #2 and voice #3. No help.

Sub: all voices work, but voices 4,5,6 won’t fully release and stay on (softly)
square,triangle: voice 3 is very faint compared to the others. 4,5,6 won’t release.

Does any of this go away with calibration? Any luck with yours?

For me only voice 1 seems to get stuck. All the voices sound good. I did a full calibration (power supply voltages, voltages and scoping all the test points,etc) and it is still there. I think one of the calibration steps definitely influenced the volume of the stuck note but I don’t recall which one.

Ok, that’s very interesting. Does the stuck note persist at a very soft volume? Were you able to reduce this volume but not eliminate it using the VR pots? When I turn off triangle, square and sub so all three are off, I get other odd behavior, like some two note chords when I go up the scale. Very faint though. I’ll try the calibration process and see what happens. I hope I can crank up voice three via calibration for triangle and square and eliminate the 4,5,6 faint hanging notes. I don’t have a scope…:hushed::thinking:

Still waiting on a scope - should have one soon and will then continue calibration process. What’s going on with yours?