Juno 106 stuck voice after replacing voice chips

I had a synth that was exhibiting a stuck voice, so I decided to replace the entire set of voice chips with AR80017As. The replacement was smooth and I went thru the entire alignment procedure and everything looks pretty good on the scope to me. I also re-capped the power supply and re-flowed some of the power supply components known to develop cracks while I was there.

When I power on the synth it is playing a low volume middle C. When I put it in diagnostic mode with Poly1/2 engaged I can cycle thru all the voices and they sound identical. Whatever note I’m playing when it cycles over to voice 1 becomes the new low volume stuck note. I haven’t replaced anything else, other than a broken slider. I had previously attempted to revive the original voice chips so I do
have sockets instead of the replacements soldered directly to the board.

Thanks in advance if you have any ideas!