JUNO 106 test for voice chip OR wave gen failure?

Hi all! So I ran thru the test procedure for my Juno 106, and am not getting any sound from voice 3 - however I am unsure whether to replace the wav generator chip or the voice chip here…
Filter, sub, and noise tests all passed.


I’ve been having a similar issue as well.

Only the square wave on my Juno 106. When in “Poly 1” mode, at certain times a note won’t play, but at times it will. Certain keys work and then they won’t. when I hold a key down that doesn’t sound, while still holding it I can press every other key throughout the whole board and they’ll work, but when I let go other random notes will be silent. Also while pressing a key that won’t sound if I press “Poly 1” mode while I’m pressing the key I’ll hear sound. Seems like there might be something wrong with the wave generator chip? But I’m not exactly sure what’s causing the problem so I am in need of help as well so if anyone could let me know I would appreciate it.