Juno 106 transformer Installation

I recently got a new transformer (for 120V Hook up) from Syntaur and wanting to know: About the secondary wires coming from the transformer, Can either of the orange wires connect to 1 and 2? And can either of the red wires connect to 3 and 4? Or am I good as long as the colors just match the same as the original connections?

And as far as the primary input wires, do I connect the black wire coming from the transformer to where the original black wire was on the fuse board and the blue wire to where the white wire was on the fuse board?

For liability purposes, I would love to help answers this question, but it sounds like you may not have a full grasp on mains AC. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could blow up your synth (best case) or blow up yourself or your house (worst case) if you wore this incorrectly.

I would highly recommend finding a qualified technician near you to perform this installation. Messing around with 120V power isn’t something that should be taken lightly.

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The outputs (secondary wires) are AC, so the polarity doesn’t matter. Either orange wire can connect to 1 and 2, and either red wire can connect to 3 and 4. Black wire goes to 5.

On the primary side, you’ll be using the blue and red wires. The larger orange, black, and brown wires will not be used.

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Thanks Sam! appreciate it.
So does it matter where the red and blue wire connect at on the fuse board? Like where the white and black wire is for the original connection? Does the blue wire go where the black wire is and the red wire go where the white wire is or vice versa?

Also, someone had mentioned in the service manual said that if the voltage needs to be tweaked after the transformer is installed, it may cause the synth to go out of tune?