Juno 106 transformer

Is a Juno 106 transformer available in modern form or used only?

It looks like Syntaur has new ones:
Transformer - Syntaur

Has anyone used this new transformer for Juno 106 with success.It looks to have more wiresI read something about recalibration which is out of my league.

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Yeah I’ve used them works perfectly’ the extra wires are for different input voltages just the appropriate one for your region.

Pay attention! These additional wires will carry high voltages!

I’m always getting nervous if people have to ask questions like that and want to replace a power transformer

Thanks for the info.I knew what the extra wires were for,sorry to appear so stupid.Are the wire colors for the secondary the same?I will check the voltage to be sure.I’m more of a musician than a technician

I would highly recommend taking this to a technician. The installation instructions are pretty straightforward, but installing these things wrong can lead to fire and/or death.

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Replacing the voice chips will often require a full recalibration, but not the transformer.