Juno 106 Voice 5 no sonar

OK first off I’ve just replaced all 6 voice chips. It does sound better. Although after going through the test procedure…(Turning on the machine while pressing transpose then engaging both poly button) I’ve learned that voice 5 doesn’t produce sound. If I replace the 3 wave generator chips is there any likely hood this will fix that problem? Thanks for any suggestions.

Yes, there is a very good chance it will fix the problem. The voice chips contain the filter and VCA. The wave chips contain the oscillators. Failure in either of these can lead to a dead voice.

I’ve replaced all the voice and wave boards and voice 5 is still out. I don’t know what to do next. Sad panda. :frowning:

Tracking the signal through the circuit with an oscilloscope would be the next step. You may have a failed electrolytic capacitor, a short or open circuit somewhere on the PCB. An oscilloscope would help track it down. Check out the service manual to see what components are part of the voice 5 circuit. Sometimes a very close visual inspection will also reveal failures, look for evidence of excess heat or cold/cracked solder joints on those components that are part of voice 5.