Juno 6/60 purchasing backups for parts that commonly fail

Hello all,

First post here! I checked the forums, but didn’t find an answer to my question. I recently purchased a Juno 6. I would like to purchase back ups for those parts that most commonly fail on these synths in case such parts are in even more short supply when I actually need them. Any info/help is appreciated on those parts that most commonly fail (and that aren’t commonly available/standard in say a hardware store), and also those parts that are a bit more rare. I am less concerned with cosmetic parts such as buttons and sliders as with integral parts like voice chips, that will affect the sound or functionality of the synth . Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

I can’t think of any component that is especially prone to failure on a Juno-6. It doesn’t have dedicated voice chips, like a Juno-106 does. The parts that are rare are already obsolete and very hard to come by.