Juno 60 patches not all loading

I’m on Salt Spring Island in BC, Canada

Our Juno 60 seems to have somewhat died - only a few of the memory patches load, some just have a sweeping white noise, some are totally dead or just very quiet.

Looking for suggestions on how to repair.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Honestly, it sounds like the battery on the CPU board has died, or is very close to it. If it’s anything like a Juno 106, it’s fairly easy to replace, if you’re handy with a soldering iron. Do you have a backup of the patches?

i’ve never soldered anything in my life.

is there a way to reset the factory presets once i have someone replace the battery?

You can get the patches back if you have a backup of them yourself, or have the original factory patches on a cassette tape (yes, you read that correctly… cassette tape) as that was the only way they were retrievable. I don’t know if anyone on the forums would have audio files of them. I have audio files for a Juno 106 that I made, but I doubt they are compatible.

Juno-60 (synthmania.com)
I found a YouTube video of a guy that used the above site to recover the factory preset patches for a Juno 60! Here’s the video:
How To Factory Reset a Juno-60 - YouTube
I might even suggest you try loading these BEFORE going to the trouble of replacing the battery, just in case that’s NOT the problem and the patches have simply been lost or erased.