Juno GI "Program Error" 2022

Hello, I am looking to solve an issue with a Roland Juno GI synth I have. It takes a while to boot up and upon starting displays the error message “Program Error,” before showing the normal interface. The problem is from here, no sound will occur. I have tried to update the software and it does not help. The other part of the issue is that when you go to check the software, it displays version 0.00. This is incorrect as I just updated it to version 1.11. Some google searching has found people having similar issues but it seems there is no clear cut answer as to what can be done. I see this website has parts for said synth and a forum, so alas, here I am.

Anyone have experience with this issue? Or maybe the ability to understand how it can be fixed? I have a basic understanding of how to solder (mainly making patch and instrument cables). Just wondering if fixing this thing on my own is feasible.