Juno/Jupiter Key Contact Cleaning

I have a Jupiter 6 and Juno 6 that both occasionally retrigger notes. I am sure it is to do with corrosion on the common wire and the key contacts. I’ve tried cleaning the Jupiter’s contacts in the past, and it fixed the issue for a time. The fact that it came back so quickly makes me think that I must not have done it correctly.

Can anyone refer me to the “correct” way to clean up the contacts? Are there certain products I should use/avoid?

When I did this the 1st time, the issue was green/blue liquid collecting at the points of contact, and various other metal interfaces along the common wire.


Admittedly, Synthchaser has gone through multiple techniques for cleaning keyboards with bus bar contacts, and I’m not sure what his latest or favorite technique is. As you know scratches in the bus bar can be detrimental to playback if abrasives are used for cleaning.

Could you ask him then post his answer here.