K-Muse Sound Libraries for Ensoniq Mirage

According to Jawknee, Syntaur is (was?) a distributor for the K-Muse sound libraries, and as Syntaur doesn’t list the sounds on their site, I’m posting here. Does anyone know if Syntaur is still distributing these sounds? I was able to find some of the “LA” discs on Reverb, but the collection is incomplete and there were many other libraries in the series. If anyone has any leads on this, I’d greatly appreciate it!

We licensed the K-Muse library, and incorporated it into the Syntaur Mirage library. Many of the sounds were renamed in the process, to reflect what the sounds actually were. But all of the Mirage libraries have been discontinued, as floppy disks are no longer manufactured. You can still find HD disks, but there is no source of DS/DD disks that the Mirage needs.

Hi Sam, thank you for your fast reply! So here’s what I’m wondering; are these sound libraries lost forever, or are they archived somewhere? I have an HcX reader so all I’d need is the disc images, not a physical floppy disc. I’ve heard some demos of them online, and some of the sounds were really amazing. If the libraries are still under copyright I’d gladly pay for them.

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Do you happen to know what OS version is on the Kmuse disks?
Thank you