K2000 Images for PSEUDO v4 and GODOT V5

I just upgraded a K2000 from Calvin OS v1.0 to 3.87.
The service manual advises the upgrade of the Pseudo and Godot GAL chips as well.

My K2000 currently has Pseudo V2 and Godot V3 and seems to crash after a few minutes when not in diagnostic mode and will not fully initialze - I only see up to program 950, not 999.

I tried burning the images for the K2000R GALS I found at https://dbwbp.com which were labelled as being Pseudo V5 and Godot V5. When I try using either one, or both of them together the K2000 will not boot just see the red LEDs flash but the LCD stays blank.

Does anyone have images for Pseudo v4 and Godot v5 from a K2000 available?

Regards Tony