K2000 pitch wheel erratic

1991 k2000.

How do you find the proper potentiometer replacement for pitch wheel? Where can you get and what are the specs?

I have an erratic behaving pitch wheel starts wandering pitch when you first touch it. Pitch gets stuck or jumps or wanders even when left idle after first touching it.

Midi monitor shows eratic changing values or skips and jumping values. When wheel idle, resting value reading often keeps changing. often resting value is NOT 64 as it should be but stays at a wrong pitch like 79 or 22. Or, keeps wandering the pitch on its own or keeps alternating between two divergent values like 96 22 96 22…etc.

Could this be the potentiometer or the inteface pcb that the wheels are connected to? Tried deoxit, no help.

Pitch works using external controller keyboard. Unless you touched the k2000 pitch wheel first. Then that behaves eratically too.

Thanks to anyone that could help!

Hmmmm … in their wisdom Kurweil have conveniently left out the Pitch/Mod Wheel values from their circuit diagram. Pretty sure it is a 10k linear and I am 99% sure it is the same pot used in the K2600 series which SYNTAUR has available:

BUT - better check yours first (you could also swap Mod and Pitch wheel just to get confirmation .

Pretty sure these images confirm though.

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Thanks so much, i was wondering based on the description i gave could it be the pot for sure or is there a chance its a component in the interface.

How could i confirm that its definitely the pot causing this?

Also, the appearance of the pot in there now looks different somewhat. Mine has larger open slots on the sides thar you can fit the plastic deoxit tube into. I wonder if the new pot is smaller or shallower if it will still fit properly .

As I said above … “you could also swap Mod and Pitch wheel just to get confirmation”

Size of the pot doesn’t matter as long as the wheel fits the pot shaft and the pot sleeve fits the hole where is is to be fitted.

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Managed to get a close up

Looks exactly as in the picture I put up - I think the one from SYNTAUR for the K2600 Series will do the job just fine

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