Kawai Digital Piano Making Bassy Oozing Sound When a Chord is Played

Hi Gurus in the house, please i have a Kawai Digital Piano that i fixed its keys but during testing i noticed it makes a very bad bassy oozing sound whenever a chord is strike. Both Bassy Oozing sound and the chord sounds together.

I changed the speakers, still same issue.

PLEASE can anyone help me with what to do?
Is it Power related or Motherboard issue??

Please i need help ASAP :cry: :disappointed: the picx are attached below :pray:

THANKS and Iโ€™m most grateful :pray:

Top picture, upper right: U11. Is that chip okay? Might just be an illusion, but it sure looks like the chip is physically damaged. (No idea what it does - it just caught my eye)

I donโ€™t have any tech info on this, but I wonder if maybe thereโ€™s some short in the keybed. Does it make the sound if you play a scale up the entire keyboard? Two notes at once anywhere? Related to the chord, or the same low note?

It looks like the surface under the keybed is conductive, so that could be a component as well.

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Thanks for your reply, the U11 has cobweb on it. Thata what make it look like its broken.

Also it doesnt show defect on scale on the whole keyboard.

And yes both left (low) & right (high) size of the keyboard oozes that bassy sound.

But i will further check for ojter things tomorrow.

But i still more ideas from anyone please :pray::pray::pray::pray:

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What model is this? I can get the service manual for you if you need

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Even now it shows defect during scale.

The oozings on each played key.

Excuse me, but what MAKE/MODEL is your keyboard?

Kawai Digital Piano 360

Piano is 35years old. Very outdated , like old black and white TV. Time for a new piano.

If the sound is good through the headphone jack, then it sounds like a blown speaker by your description.

Hello everyone, Iโ€™m sorry i didmt get back here on time. I finally got the idea behind the ooozing bassy sound of the Kawai Piano.

Having change few capacitors on the powerboard, i then noticed it still habing some humming sound, i then discover that the current power suppy from.my gennerstor set isnโ€™t enough to carry the kawai piano keyboard for it to sound well.

So i waited for Electricity to confirm first, which works fine with the Kawai piano. It sounds well and fine.

I then increase my generator voltage to high voltage supplinv 240volt, then i powered on the kawai keyboard and it works fine successfully.

Right now the Kawai digital piano is perfectly working fine.

Thanks a lot guys.
Youโ€™re the best :ok_hand: