Kawai K1 dead keys, bubble switches

I screwed up.
I was helping out a friend by agreeing to tighten up control wheels and cleaning contacts of a Kawai K1.
All keys functioned when I got it.
Without any disassembly of the contact board or switches, one key stopped working. I pull the back panel off of it and I find the bubble switches and give them. A squirt of D5
Now, I have FIVE dead keys instead of one.
What am I doing wrong here?

I’ve since lost response from six more keys after reassembly.

You could try cleaning them with a q tip and some alcohol.

The rubber is not going to like the D5, I think, and alcohol is not good for rubber - it will cause it to dry and crack in the long term. Your best bet is to remove the rubber strips, and wash them in warm water with dish soap. You can clean the contact PCBs the same way, or you can use rubbing alcohol on them. Let everything dry before re-assembly.

Uploading: DDD0BA41-8A4A-4F22-A024-DFAB181FE767.jpeg… Uploading: C51B77DE-EA7D-4220-812F-C007956A2BA7.jpeg… These rubber pads are incredibly flimsy.
I suspect they may have already degraded in the last 30 years.
They are so flimsy that seating them into the key contact holes is a nightmare.
They have little pegs that supposedly hold them in place not the circuit board, but positioning the circuit board back into place while maintaining perfect contractor position seems damn near impossible.

Are new, replacement pads available and are they more rigid than these?
Is there a method for repositioning the whole assembly onto the keybed that I am missing?

The rubber mounting nubs fit into holes on the circuit board, and that keeps the contact strips aligned correctly. You can use a leg of a large paper clip to push those nubs into the PCB holes. Once the rubber strips are attached to the boards, screwing the boards into place on the keybed chassis keeps that whole operation aligned.

I have tried that. The pads are so weak they sag and aren’t aligning to the keybed properly. The contacts are all clean.
They just won’t seat correctly

I’m about to take it to a pro.
I’m good with guitars and amps, this is a whole different level of plastic crap I’m not comfy working with. :joy: