Kawai K11 keybed

I have a Kawai 11 that was working fine. Suddenly the keybed is not working except the lowest C and when i press it, it sounds like someone is strumming on the keybed, low to high. Check key rubber contacts, diodes, cables, all good. Isolated the keybed and tried to directly connect the pins in the Main board connecters going to the keybed (using an external diode to mimic the original circuitry), same thing, strumming notes low to high. Again, only 1 key(lowest C) out of the 61 responds. The keyboard responds to external midi controller normally .

Any ideas ?

All I can find online is this;

I tried the midi thing, it worked just right, so now I knew the board is about right. Now I knew, to try to find a mechanical issue and discovered it right off the bat. The keybed was misaligned due to one broken tabby thing, fixed with glue and had a blob of glue obstructing proper alignment. also I’m not pressing the keys all the way down, when playing low velocity and discovered that needs to happen. Now I just need to figure out how to get the right amount of key travel, to not have to press the keys with force. Apparently the decontaminations did something, since the portaslidymento works now. Honestly I don’t even understand what got fixed at this point, but I’ll take it. Thank you very many kind sir! I’ll be sure to show you dis cool thing, once I get it out!

Thank you.
My issue is electronic , im thinking with the scanning circuitry but not sure. I was hoping someone had come across something similar. I covered all the basic tests and know fore sure its not the key-bed or cables connected to it.

Anything to do with keyboard scanning requires the bus to be fully functional

If you have a logic probe, check each pin on bus connection for rapid changes. anything that is stuck high or low is most likely a problem, but i doubt it as the rest of the unit works. It could be a logic chip stuck, or a dead transistor, but you need to investigate the components one by one. The value of this unit isn’t much so it all depends on how much you really want to invest in it, or buy something else.

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Thanks, that’s what i’ll do next then. There are no schematic for it but i can go off the the individual chips data sheets and also the K1 schematics which i think is close enough.

And yes. The unit is not of a great value but i thought to give it a fair try. I hope its something simple. Not planning to invest alot of time or money into it.

Thanks again.

I need the Kawai K11 Service manual. Can’t find it in the web.