Kawai K3 output issue

Hello Everybody!
So, I recently picked up a Kawai K3. Everything works great, but I’m only getting a mono signal no matter which way I have it hooked up. I’m running the synth to a mixer. L is panned all the way left and R is panned all the way right. I’ll get sound in the right channel, but when I have that channel centered it’s mono. I switched the L & R cable and it does the same thing. When the chorus in on I still get a mono signal. I’m using a TS cable.

Any help would be appreciated,

So you are only getting a signal from the right output and not from the left output?

Is the headphones output on stereo ?

If not you have either a bad master volume pot or a bad mute relay
If headphones is fine then either a connection or the line out jack(s)

Yes only the right output

It only comes out the right side as well on the headphones

Then most likely something is broken internally. Now, I believe the K3 is actually mono, and the stereo outputs are only for the chorus, but I might be wrong? Maybe there’s a Panning function? But certainly not all sounds would be panned to the right?

So you need to take it for repairs. The volume knob is a good suspect indeed. It could be something else as well, but potentiometers break more often than non-mechanical components.

Line-out bottom left CN-6, Headphone to the right CN-7, relay controls both, volume controls both, could be IC 42 or IC 41 as well

Appreciate the feedback!
Yeah, most likely going to have a Tech check it out.
Thanks again!