Kawai RC-2 Cartridge for For Kawai K3

I’m looking to buy a memory cartridge for my Kawai K3 synthesizer. Last time I bought one of ebay it was bad and would not work. Not sure what was going on with that. I doubt there is an internal battery inside the cart or not
Hit me up if you come across one for sale.

I see people refer to that as a RAM cartridge, and RAM implies that there is a battery needed. But if this were the case, you would think the battery would be accessible, and from looking at pics online, I don’t see an easy way to open it up.

It may use an EEPROM instead of a RAM chip, and that would not use a battery.

I’ll keep on the lookout for one of these, and post here if I come across one. Or perhaps someone else on the forum might have one.

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Yes it is an eprom cartridge on the K3. I also have a K4 that I’d like to get a card for, as the memory is held on a card on those models which loads from a slot on the back opposed to the K3 top loading eprom cart.

I know a guy with one. What are you looking to spend?

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The K4 (and K1) use either 16k or 32k Fujisoku SRAM cards. The Ensoniq KS-32, SQ-1, and SQ-2 used the 32k cards, so if you find an SQ-1 card, it will work for the K4. I can’t remember what else used these cards - some kind of medical equipment, I think. Anyway, that might help you to find one…

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Interesting, thanks for doing a little research on the card for me!

Hi thanks, what are they going for now a days? I assume over $50 but under $100
Let me know.