Key doesn't play - Korg XC-3000if

One key on my Korg XC-3000if doesn’t make a sound when it is played. All the other keys are fine.

I have been researching online and I suspect that the problem is a bad contact strip. Is that the probable problem? Are there other possibilities I should investigate?

If the contact strip is the problem, then I need to pick a replacement part. Syntaur lists 4, 8, and 12 note contact strips. Which part do I need for my piano?

Finally, I watched a video where a man replaced a contact strip on a portable keyboard that was easy to take apart. Is it possible for me to replace a concert strip on my console style piano?



Yes contact strip replacement is simple job. Typically the shorter strips are at the two ends of the keyboard but disassembly and visual examination make short work for seeing how long a strip is . Look for evidence o FCC a spill since one key isnt working. You can try cleaning the contact and the circuit board by gently rubbing them using a qtip and isopropyl alcohol. Tape head cleaner is best but you cant find that easily anymore because it is an contaminate to the environment so use isopropyl alcohol buy the best you can find easily. You may not need to buy the contact trip at aware the contact surfaces are carbon so dont rub hard or too much. Let the alcohol dissolve the crud on the circuit board and then gently wipe it clean with a few swipes. Wipe contact button very gently 3 or 4 wipes should be plenty if you see anything inside the rubber contact wipe it with the alcohol before using another clean tip to clean carbon contact


Thanks for your help. It worked. I ordered the contact strips and replaced them in the piano.

I suspect cleaning would have worked, and that approach would have saved some money too. However, after the hassle factor of taking the piano apart, I wanted to be sure it was a one-time job.

Thanks again,