Keybed lube/Electronics Grease

Hello, I moderate a forum on FB and one of the most reoccurring questions when talking about keybeds is what grease/lube to use, I own a small can of it (it just says electronics white lub) that I bought pre internet era that has served me well for many keybeds from friends and myself, but there’s no branding to it, can you tell me what do you guys use (brand specific if possible) and/or if you sell it or plan to sell it.

I’ve been using Molykote 44 Silicone grease. It’s designed for plastic gears. Very light, and safe for all plastics. Med/high temp so won’t ever run.


CASIO recommends Shin-Etsu Silicone Grease


Thank You Guys, much appreciated

There is also MG Chemicals Silicone grease. Much less expensive and more widely available.