KingKorg OLED Screen (small)

RE: White OLED display, for Korg keyboard. This replacement display is Korg part number 510313502502.

Hi guys,

I need one of these screens as one of mine is on the way out.

I’ve had the KK apart so I know my way around it. I had two non working KK’s and now have 1 fully working unit, however this part, how does it attach? The KK OLED has a little support circuit board. Do I peel off the old OLED part and does this new part stick on or does it require some advanced soldering?

I was hoping it comes as a complete part with the circuit board but doesn’t look like that’s the case?

Thanks in advance!

Hello. Interested to know if you had any luck sorting the OLED. One of my KK small OLED screens has a vertical line through it, not sure where this problem will end up. If you don’t mind me asking, are both the small OLED screens on the KK the same part? Thanks.

Hi there,

I haven’t really progressed this as I’m moving house soon so my gear is in storage.

I have found out that the simplest solution is to go to your local Korg distributor / service agent or contact Korg directly. I’ve heard that some people have sourced just the micro screen but this is hard to attach. You are better to get the screen with the small circuit board that comes with it. The two small screens and boards are the same part. I replaced one of mine from a dead KingKorg (only one small screen was good). The job wasn’t difficult, just got to pull the whole thing apart. Took me an hour. Only need a philips head.

Once I move, I’ll try ordering another small screen and board from Korg.


Thank you very much for your reply, really helpful. All the best with the move. Thanks again.