Korg Arp 2600FS note triggering issue

Turned my Korg Arp 2600FS on the other day after a month or 2 since it was last powered on. The note triggering seems to be delayed, noticeable when doing ascending runs, and when expecting the note to “snap” back to a higher held note when releasing a lower key (2600 is low note priority).

I’ve tried some tests with the 3620 keyboard, midi, and cv sources. The issue seems to be isolated to the 3620 and midi, which leads me to believe that it has something to do with the KLM55072 module, which has the midi, usb, and 3620 connections.

Anyone have a copy of the 2600FS service manual? Have any suggestions on fixes before I load this thing up to take for repair? The 3 authorized Korg service shops in my area all have their potential drawbacks (both from experience, and/or current reputation). I know some trusted independent folks who do repair work on electronics, would be nice to have a manual to offer them should I go that route.

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Definitely try a factory reset. Also I’m not sure if this is part of the issue but there is a switch on the keyboard to set the trigger mode. Multiple mode causes retriggering upon playing legato and single produces only one continued envelope any time notes are played legato. Many times I have thought my 2600 FS is bugging out and then I realize I left the sequencer on or flipped one of those switches last time I was playing.

There are also two Voice Assign modes that change the way the software assigns notes, it may be that yours had a hiccup and switched itself off of the default mode somehow. The factory reset will help with that. Page 21 of the owners manual has more info on that.

Thanks for the reply, Travis! It doesn’t seem that the FS has a factory reset function. I just gave it a try to test, and nothing. I think the reset you posted only works for the 2600M which doesn’t come with the 3620 keyboard, so some of the triggering functions are reserved for startup functions involving the manual start button.

I’ve definitely checked all settings on the 3620 to make sure it wasn’t user error, unfortunately the problem persists. The same behavior is consistent with input from a midi controller as well, which leads me to believe something has failed on the control module, or has fallen out of calibration.

As I’ve now had the 2600 for nearly 4 years it is long out of warranty, so I’d rather take it to a trusted tech with service manual in hand, rather than the local Korg warranty service providers.

Korg customer service doesn’t seem to be able to supply a service manual, only telling me “it is up on several sites”…unfortunately, I can’t find one for the FS, only vintage units.

Could it be that yours is set to the other voice assignment mode?

If it’s not that, then you’re certainly right and it must be something is up with that KLM55072 board. Sadly that is probably a challenging board to troubleshoot. The CPU on that board handles everything to do with MIDI, CV and USB. This might be a case where a Korg authorized service center is a good choice because they should have the setup and documentation to debug one of their own CPUs. If you have an independent tech who is well-versed with modern Korg they may be able to handle it.

Thanks so much for the reply, I’ve been down with the flu so sorry for the late response!

Unfortunately the voice assign settings didn’t help. I’ll see if one of the local shops that does Korg repairs can handle it. Hopefully they have access to a service manual featuring the keyboard/midi input board, Korg couldn’t tell me one way or another whether an updated service manual even exists, smh.