Korg C30 key replacement

Next (after getting pedals to work) is to fix a broken key. It broke off in a move.

I ordered both black key part numbers from Syntaur; one of them should be right.

Is there a video or instructions on the process?
Does it require opening the bottom of the instrument or can replacement be done from the “outside.”?

Thanks for any pointers.


Finally got around to this. Replaced the broken black key. But noticed a tab was also busted off the neighboring white key. Ordered that.

I didn’t video the disassembly, but I’ll try to remember to video the white key replacement and the re-assembly for the record … once the white key arrives!

I found a c50 video online, and other model key replacement videos. The assembly and key install are not exactly the same, but I was able to figure them out enough. Hope it works when I re-assemble ;- )

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