Korg c30 pedals not functioning

We have a Korg C30 that still sounds fine. But for as long as I can remember, the pedals (there are two) haven’t worked.

Anyway, if there are any pointers to what it could be or what to check inside (I’ve never disassembled it). I’m hoping it’s a “oh, sounds like you need a new such-and-such, here’s the part number!” But not holding my breath :wink:


Try this:
Remove the connector that comes from the pedal unit, then short out all the pins in the unit (no fear you can’t break anything). Now turn on the instrument and see it it works.
If it does work - then problem is in the pedal unit or the cable (the easier version) if it still doesn’t work then we have to have a closer look inside the unit.
But first thing first.

Thanks for the test procedure. To clarify, turn on the keyboard with the pins shorted (all of the connected to each other)? Should it sound normal or as if the pedals are engaged?

I’ll be back when I have results – thanks!


Should sound like both pedals pushed down