Korg DSS-1 Floppy drive

I know you deal with repairing synths to there original specs, but was wondering if you had ever tried the floppy emulators that are out there and do they fill the bill for use. I was given this synth everything function but the drive and with these getting very hard to find and expensive. Thanks

I done a fair few of these and they do work BUT need some getting used to. In essence, they take a 2GB memory stick and divide it into a number of partitions, 100 in total (ie 0 … 99), each of 1.44MB size which is the size of a floppy disk, because that is all the unit does “understand” - it’s software/firmware is designed that way.
You have to use specific software packages, not very intuitive by the way, to format the memory stick and also to copy the files into the respective partition(s).
The operation then requires you to select a memory stick location, one of the 1000 partitions, via a button at the unit and off you go!

Thanks for the info, I have read into them a little but did not know anyone who has used them to invest the money in buying

Floppy drive emulation is the way to go. Not just for music but any computer based gear from the 80s & 90s that used floppy drives.
They’re super cheap to buy if you’re able and/or willing to learn to format and set them up yourself or you can buy them ready to install for your specific unit.
Nalbantov is an outlet that provides ready to go emulators but they are quite expensive. Expect to spend $200 to $300 for a ready to go drive emulator. There are other smaller guys who do the same for WAY cheaper. Like half the price. Just make sure to be clear to the supplier regarding what you want it for and that you want it ready to install. Also make sure to read the reviews. Make sure it’s not a one time sale (like from someone who couldn’t get it to work trying to do it on their own).
These guys make their living on happy endings so most that sell lots on ebay with a good rating will be trustworthy.
Good luck!

I order from ebay, waiting to get here. I do not foresee any problems setting up pretty good at figuring electronic things out. I have read about converting watched a few videos just just hadn’t talk to anyone that had done it.

Yeah same here. I’ve got an Akai S900 that I’m planning on installing a Gotek emulator. The one I’m ordering is already set up and costs around 75 UK pounds.
I’m also looking toward to swapping out the stock screen with a nice bright LED display.

I’ve had the HXC floppy emulator working in the DSS1. Sometimes it takes a while to get the DIP switches right, was a right pain with the Kurzweil K2500 but I don’t remember the DSS1 being much hassle.

You can flash the Gotek with HXC firmware and fit an OLED screen I think.

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Hello all. Well I finely got my Gotek floppy emulator for my Dss-1 now its time to install, any tips on uploading sounds on a USB flash drive?? since this is my first attempt any advise would help, Thanks