Korg DSS-1 floppy repair or replace

My Dss-1 has been in storage last 10 years, turned it on floppy seems to work, keeps buzzing and flashing but sends a message to insert the floppy disk? and does it with all of the disks, can not read disks, Do I need to replace the floppy???

It could be that the disk is no longer good. Data on disks can get corrupted, especially if they were stored near something magnetic (speakers, for instance). Either the disk is bad, or the drive is bad - but you can’t tell which without further testing.

Sometimes you can blow air into the disk drive, and dislodge any accumulated dust bunnies. That has saved me on several occasions.

Thank you Sam I will try blowing air in the drive and see if that works, I have about 40 disks and none will read, I have kept them in a floppy storage out of the sun and away from any magnet source Yea don’t know of any other way to test the Disks.

Most floppy drives have a drive belt that gets old and stretches up like a rubber band till eventually breaks off and disks don’t spin.
find the right size and you can replace it.