Korg DSS1 'Drive Not Ready'

I recently got a Gotek USB FDD for my DSS1.

Universal 3.5" USB SSD Floppy Drive Emulator for Yamaha Roland KORG Keyboard | eBay.
And now I get a ‘Drive Not Ready’ message.

I formatted my usb drive for 100 1.44 partitions.

When I loaded System A I got a ‘Drive Not Ready’


The USB Floppy or USB drive must be flashed or

formatted differently right?

So I put the original FDD back in and now it will

not read disks. I get a ‘Drive Not Ready’ message

every time.

What Ive tried:
Used a different disks = ‘Drive Not Ready’ message

Put the DSS1 in test mode and ran the R/W test =

‘Drive Not Ready’ message.

Flipped the DATA ribbon cable connector over in case I had plugged it in up side down.

Is my DSS1 DoA?
Is there anything I can do to get the FDD back on


Please help, Ive had this synth in my setup for

decades. It is an integral part of my musical works.
At this point I dont care if I get the USB Floppy

going… I just want my read/write functions back.

After taking a look at the schem for the KLM-780 board I am going to replace the FDD control ic NEC UPD765A. I am going to install a socket in case I need to swap out a control ic in the future. Still waiting on parts to arrive but I will post results after install.