Korg DW-8000 No Output but all else works

Does anyone have a Korg DW-8000 repair or service manual? I’m pretty sure that some component that provides the amp output has died a silent death recently, as I get no output from the L/R or Headphone on my otherwise well-kept beauty.

I’m going to get medieval on the insides of it soon, and see if I can see any signs of source of the problem. At this point, I don’t even know the various boards or other internals to reference them even if I do find something, so any kind of schematics, SM’s, etc, would be most appreciated!

Cheers to the community!

I have repaired the L/Mono input jack now. Solder joints were wonky and the JALCO housing was loose and not seated properly underneath the second point. Ground appeared to be good, as did the positive, but I gave them the touch up for good measure. Continuity appears to be good where it logically makes sense for it. Don’t see any capacitors blown, and nothing appears to be out of sorts to my semi-trained eye.
If anyone has any documentation on the flow of signal, the full path of signal from the voices to the jacks, I would be most grateful, so I can make some sense of what I should be testing if this doesn’t fix the problem.