Korg DW8000 Keyboard swap

I have a Korg DW8000 synthesizer. I find the sound great and have used it many times in different bands. However, I have great difficulty with the keyboard. Is it possible to exchange the whole keyboard with another one? I have an MFB Dominion 1 and a Novation SL MK2 - both have a Fatar TP/9S in them and I really enjoy playing these keyboards. Have any of you ever done a keyboard swap like this and can advise me? And if it is possible, would it also be possible in a Korg DSS-1?

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Just use a midi controller and save a lot of trouble.I have 2 8000s one with intermittent lowest 6notes and one missing middle c

Thank you for your answer. That is of course a possibility. However, if I want to use the synth live, I have even more baggage with an additional keyboard and I would like to save that.

The guys at Synthtaste may be able to help.

After dealing with Synthtaste recently, I withdraw my prior recommendation. They are extremely UNhelpful.