Korg DW8000 No delay / Volume stays at full

Hey gang.
So I have my original DW8000 and I’ve known for a long time the Delay stopped working. About the same time I noticed my volume doesn’t turn down. didn’t mind.

The question is does the delay board also control volume?

Does anyone know if the delay board also digitally controlled volume? and if so I’d get the delay board for that reason also. Thanks!

I’m not sure off the top of my head if the volume runs through the delay board, but I do know that there are quite a few wire harness that are all tangled together that run the length of keyboard.

Delay board

You can blow this picture up and zoom in and see where the 3 wire harnesses connect to the white receptacles.

I would open the DW up and get some eyes on everything.
Could be an easy fix!

Thanks I’ll give that a try. And maybe a continuity check. I find it odd I have no delay but have audio since it should all be running through a dozen devices. Plus I gotta map out the wire from the volume knob, if it feeds the delay board than it’s going to be controlling volume digitally. so you’re right, more time with eyes on. thanks.