KORG Electribe EA1 MK2 No Output

Hey there,

Reaching out to see if anyone has schematics available for an EA-1 MK2? I’m not having any luck getting hold of any.

I’m trying to resolve a fault where there is no output on headphones or main outs. I’ve been working from a schematic from an EM-1 (attached for reference) which seems similar, but would like to confirm some details for the unit I’m working on.

I’ve got signal past the volume control and on the output of the TDA1308, so suspect the MUTE circuit is doing it’s job too well, but would like to find the correct schematic so I can trace out the correct component identifiers.

Any help much appreciated.


Take simple approroach inject a signal into the output jacks and work backwards through the circuit whe the sound. Disappear you Ed nailed down the area or the failed component(s)