Korg EX-800 number buttons question

Hi I just got an EX-800 yesterday and immediately proceeded to drop an adapter right on top of it. Number buttons #1 & 2 no longer work. Not sure if it’s the carbon pad, the tactile switch, wiring, etc but it’s devastating. What should I look for? I do not have an EE degree bottle can I read a schematic but am very handy w soldering iron so hopefully I can figure it out. Any ideas?

If you have a multimeter, I’d open it and see if the switches are actually working (check continuity on the switch as you manually activate it). If it’s not doing anything then replace it. If the switches themselves are working then make sure the contacts to the board are good. If the other switches are all working, it’s probably not anything more serious than that, but you never know. I wouldn’t know the next step, but it’s probably diagnosing whatever chip reads information from the switches and other stuff in that part of the board.