KORG I30 battery replacement

Does anyone know if there is a battery backup in the Korg I30? I opened the back and unscrewed a few boards but I can’t find one.

I’m not sure if it has a battery but I can tell you that I recently changed the battery inside of my Korg SR Wavestation module. I had an error message on the display telling me to change battery. It’s the type of lithium battery that is almost the size of a quarter. If your looking for a battery thats what you need to look for. It’s silver and flat. Almost the size of a 25 cents quarter. I hope this helps you. :pray: Best of luck!

I think it doesn’t have a battery, I tried searching on the net and can’t find anything.

Oh, ok… what’s going wrong with you Korg I30?

I live in the US but had it in Greece, didn’t use it for 10 years and I wanted to change all the batteries for all my equipment after opening it up, I couldn’t see any battery.